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Farm Mecherini

cattle breeding

by ToscanArt

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Agricultural company Mecherini since 1969 in the farm "Campo ai sedani", in Marina di Bibbona

For many generations the MECHERINI family has been working in the agricultural world: first as sharecroppers, then as agricultural entrepreneurs. In 1969 Fosco Mecherini and his brothers bought the farm "Campo ai sedani" located in Marina di Bibbona. The Mecherini family has always been farmers, as well as breeders. In particular, they dedicated themselves to the breeding of selected Chianina beef cattle and have achieved national and international awards related to the quality of their breeding. Alongside the zootechnical activity, the family has developed an important activity of growing vegetables and selling them.

All animals are raised using only farm products: hay, straw, corn, barley.

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"A few years after the end of the Second World War, the Provincial Breeders Association was founded in Livorno on June 3, 1957. In a historical period where memories of the great hunger are still fresh, and where the good meal was associated with There were those who rigorously committed to select breeds of cattle so that future generations would associate good food to quality.The "pioneers" included Gilberto Battagoni, Count Gaddo della Gherardesca and the Mecherini family, whose company combines tradition and cutting-edge technologies for cattle breeding and selection, Mecherini is one of the fathers of the much-acclaimed Chianina with national and international awards on the quality of its breeding, everything is strictly controlled and always under the supervision of nationally renowned vets Even the manure produced by the company, the "stallatico", is sought after by the various producers of local wines, for their vineyards. The Mecherini farm is located in the beautiful town of Marina di Bibbona, just a few steps away from the sea surrounded by unspoiled nature, where you can still admire the places that inspired Carducci."
(Text taken from the magazine Il Gusto 2009, page 109)

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The Mecherini Agricultural Company has always sought to have a direct relationship with its customers, "because we believe that only by knowing ourselves can we transmit our love for our work, for our life".

4 febbraio 2009 Tirreno
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Would you like to taste our Chianina meat at the restaurant?
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The Livorno Chamber of Commerce has selected a dozen companies,
who have distinguished themselves for Innovation, Technology and Quality,
he made a video, published on the Youtube channel "camcomlivorno",
which acts as a business card for the province of Livorno ..
The Mecherini Farm is one of these 12 Tuscan excellences
which are the flagship of the Livornese economy.

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"Livorno tecnologia innovazione e qualità" Anno 2012

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