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SATOR, in Pomaia the northern border of the Montescudaio DOC

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by ToscanArt

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From more of four generations the Moscardini family cultivates this land, in the northern part of the Tuscany Maremma, in the DOC Montescudaio district.

It was the beginning of the XX century when the great grandfather bought the first pieces of land: from then on the family never left the countryside.

“Ours is a family-owned company attached to the traditions and to the respect of the land, the same land that my great grandfather bought and gave the chance to the future three generations of appreciating its fruits”, as Gianni Moscardini highlines, that with his sister Roberta now manages the company.

The passion for wine and the will of creating something new has give Gianni and Roberta the input to continue the work of their ancestors: “It’s a way of respecting the past, in order to not lose what eldery people built”, explains Gianni.

In 2008 Sator was founded, giving a new input to the company that however maintained alive its relation with the land.

Gianni and Roberta Moscardini resume the project explaining that they like to define their traditional company as “technological advanced”, as they reserve maximum respect for nature in every manufacturing process, even in the most innovative ones.

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Sator is a family-owned business in Pomaia, a little area of the municipality of Santa Luce, in the DOC Montescudaio district. A company built on tradition,passion and love for the land that from four generations looks to the future producing great grapes and wines.

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DOC Montescudaio
SILENO Ciliegiolo

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